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instalasi audio kiker

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This is how the car looked inside before I got the crazy idea to rip it all out and install a screen and a DSP controller. First I thought about installing the carputer in the glove compartment but then I realized that the glove compartment is pretty good for storing things =)

This is the trunk before I started.

This is the 6 disc cd-charger that came withe the car, sold it to someone who needed it more =)

Time to start geting rid of the stock headunit. The fan is there because it's cold outside. The newspaper is there cause i did some stuff with the pedals, more of that under "other projects".

Bye bye cd-sharger and stock carpet. The spare wheel is still there, just had to remove it under the installation.

Hello new floor, in MDF, five diferent pieces, the two pieces on the sides are cut out so I can store things underneath them. You can see some of the spare tire rim in the middle now.

The computer case, amp (6ch) and DSP* has arived. 
*DSP=digital signal prosessor

This is why there is a hole in the middle.

The amp will be mounted over the DSP.

The DSP in place (a clarion DVH920) had to remount it later on cause some other stuff didn't fit if I had it there.

Here is the amp (kicker impulse 356xi) on place.

Had to extend the controls on the amp so I can adjust all the settings without having to spend hours on getting to them. I alsow did the aluminiumplate so I know wich on to adjust.

Here is another pic where you can see thw writing on it. Front, Rear and sub.

A better picture of the extentions.

As I said before I had to move the DSP cause it didn't fit when I had it on the floor, so now I have placed it up side down under the amp.

The amp is on the other side of the DSP. Hard to understand? well this side is down, understand now? =)

Does this make it easier? the amp goes on top and the DSP is mounted under. ok?

With the DSP up side down I had to know wich cabel was going where so I made my own markings =)

I don't smoke and even if I did I wouldn't do it in my car, so I didn't have any use for the ashtray so I made space for my slot-in DVD burner instead. I used a heatgun and plexi for this part.

Close up.

A couple of coats of primer before the black paint. Lots of bondo and sanding too.

The DVD and monitor in place. The monitor is a motorized 7" 1 din size touch screen.

This is the back of the DSP controller, With this I will controll the volume, suround mode and alot of other cool stuff. =) I had to mount it in MDF to make it fit.

The front of the DSP controller.

The DSP controller in place.

The subwoofer. A kicker L7 8"

The most expensive cabel I ever bought, handmade in Sweden, guaranteed no noise.

The mainboard. Via epia MII 12000. 1,2 ghz

Got some other things too, had to try them on my stationary pc before mounting them on the carputer. A USB-hub with 4 blue led's, 3 fans with 4 red led's in each, 2 UV-tubes, 1 red el.wire, blue and green flexsleeve.

Starting to look like a computer. 200gb harddrive, 512 Ram, S-ata controller card, wi-fi card, opus dc-dc converter 150w power supply.

Trying it at home and installing XP and some other usefull programs.

Dirty the pc hacker couldn't stay out of the pic. =)

Tada, all done. 
Thanks to: Zvonne, Dirty, Jimmy, Jens and Jan for helping me out

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